Sam Rose, 10% Less Body Fat & 110% Happier ?
Well Done Sam, you sure do put in the hard work ??

“I started the beginning of the year at the heaviest I’d ever been and I was in desperate need of a change. I’ve always struggled to stay motivated at the gym but since having regular PT sessions with Marianne and following the training programme she carefully put together I’ve seen such a HUGE difference. I actually love going to the gym now (!!!) and I’ve completely overhauled my body shape and general fitness. My energy levels have soared and my stress and anxiety has become a 1000x easier to manage – I’m excited to see what else can be achieved by Sam Rose – 


Marianne Weston – Fitness & Nutritional Coach, Trained in Level 3 personal training, Marianne specialises in female weight loss and weight management.

Why not book in for your free health check and taster personal training session, ask at reception today or call 01604 59 29 29 –


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