In the midst of confusion and conflicting messages we see daily… What should you believe?

Well, I know one thing for sure, and that’s Resistance and Weight training are superior than long distance cardio for looking good, feeling great and tightening up those bodies 😀

However, what are the best resistance exercises to incorporate into a workout?

In my opinion, the best exercises for fat loss are those that work muscles simultaneously, for example; squats, dead-lifts, bench presses, dips and chin ups. These exercises are also known as the compound Lift where one or more joints move together.

So, compound movements give you the most OUTPUT FOR YOUR BUCK!

Put more simply, these types of exercise movements will get LEAN and feel GREAT

Surely this is better than wasting your time doing:

– Power plate exercises
– Zumba
– Spin classes
– Water Aerobics

The bigger exercises will benefit you the most, so why not try this workout:

A1) Barbell Back Squat x 12-15 reps
A2) Assisted Chin Up x 12 – 15 reps
A3) Deadlift x 12-15 reps
A4) Dumbbell Bench Press x 12-15 reps

Rest 90 seconds and perform 5 rounds

The positive hormonal effect on the body is phenomenal compared to steady state cardio

These exercises will elevate your metabolic rate and if done consistently will add lean muscle to your body

Lean muscle will boost your resting metabolism, so will make it easier for you to succeed your long term goals

The good news is we have a brilliant personal training team here at Dallington Fitness who all have this ethos to training

Our Personal Training team of Marianne, Joe, Darren, Sara and myself are on hand to help you succeed in 2018

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