3-90 Fit Challenge Men 3-90 Fit Challenge Ladies

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Hi everyone, I have created a little gym challenge for you this week, its a test of stamina and strength which I’ve called the 3/90 Fit Challenge. It’s a workout that consists of 3 compound exercise and 30 reps of each in the fastest time possible. Remember you can regress or progress each exercise (make it easier or harder) simply by using your own body weight, assisted resistance machines or by adding weight e.g. an regressive (easier) workout might sound like this;

Remember to warm up correctly with some light cardio and dynamic stretches e.g 6-10min jog followed by some arm rotations, leg swings, open gates, walkouts etc

30x Kettle bell swing using light weight 8kg kettle bell.

30x Assisted pistol squat using bench to sit on, or even just try a normal body weight squat.

30x Pull ups using the assisted pull up machine to reduce your weight.

Alternatively if your looking for a harder challenge you could see how many rounds you can complete within 25mins, each round would be classed as completing all 3 exercises for 30 reps of each.

Or if your feeling super brave try the 3/100 Fit Challenge, CLICK THIS LINK

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