Ditch the calorie count…

Think Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!! If you’re wanting to lose weight, sensible, colourful and clean is what I tell my clients. When I say clean, I mean fresh not processed, when I say colourful, I mean a coloured variety of fruit and veg and when I say sensible I mean, appropriate portion size and nutritional value.

“I eat healthy religiously and still can’t seem to drop a dress size?”

Chances are the portion sizes you’re consuming…”But who has time to count calories?”

100% with you on that one. Yes, calories exist, they are a measure of energy a food contains and if you eat too much, you will gain weight but your body doesn’t treat all calories the same way.
High quality calories will come from foods rich in nutrients. These foods will keep you full for a long time, the body has to work extra hard to break down the fibre, while releasing a hormone that tells your body to burn fat, where as a diet full of processed foods, sugar and refined carbs will do the opposite, encourage the body to store fat and cause you to overeat. So as well as calorie counting being a hassle, the purpose of the calorie consumed varies immensely.

Ditch the measuring cups and carrying a set of weighing scales in you’re handbag. Just get used to taking simple steps in order to control the amount of food going in.
Dish your food on a smaller plate, use the palm of your hand, fist and thump to practice food portions.
Your palm determines your protein portion, your fist your veg and a cupped hand your carbs.


If you are familiar with these sizes, this is a great way of avoiding the hassle of counting calories and getting used to sizing it right.

Remember guys, nutrition is important and should never be avoided, skipping meals is an absolute no no for sustainable loss of unwanted inches.

Just remember sensible, colourful and clean. Spread the calories throughout the day and refuel every 3-4hours with small healthy snacks and size your meals right.

Think of it like this, you want to refuel to keep the camp fire alight, but no body wants to have to call the fire brigade.

Marianne Weston
Health & Fitness Coach
Dallington Fitness

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