Summer is certainly here, well at least today anyway!

I’m sure 90% of all people will be topping up their tan and throwing on the BBQ.

Great BBQ food is pretty healthy – all that protein minus the potato salad right of course!!

However the booze that we use to wash it all down with can often be our downfall.

Now the science is clear – if you’re serious about building a leaner, fitter and more efficient body quitting alcohol could be your biggest game changer.

Alcohol has many negative effects on the body, but lets be honest it is very hard to go booze free all year round particularly when the Sun is shining and all you want is a nice cool Bud or glass of cold wine.

Especially when you’ve been working hard all year round to get into that Summer body shape!

It’s KEY for us to make being fit, healthy and in shape a lifestyle change but one we can actually maintain.

So accounting for a few coronas and lime on a hot sunny day shouldn’t be a problem…

Being a Personal Trainer at the club I always try to allow my clients the occasional tipple and I try to teach them the best ways to drink to to avoid affecting their results.

So why not try these simple swaps!

1) Swop the Pint and drink Red Wine

Swap a pint for a 175 ml glass of red wine and instantly reduce your calorie intake per drink from 200 to 120.

Lager contains hops which can boost the female oestrogen hormone – oestrogen. These are linked to things like man boobs and hormone imbalances!

Red wine on the other hand contains rhesveratrol an immune boosting antioxidant that has anti ageing properties.

2) Ditch the Rum and Coke for Vodka and Soda

Remember dark spirits contain more hangover causing toxins in comparison to clear ones such as Gin and Vodka. Plus switching high sugar mixers to soda slashes the calories in half to around 55. Add fresh lime for flavour but don’t pretend that it counts as one of your 5 a day Lol

3) Goodbye Mojito and Hello Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary has 125 calories, half that of a sugar laced Mojito. Also if the tomato juice is fresh it provides vitamin C and lycopene. lycopene is an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of skin cancer.

I’m to a BBQ this weekend and I plan on drinking with either Coors light. It’s really tasty and low calorie with 95 calories a bottle and 24g or carbs.

So there you have it, simple changes to keep you on track this weekend.

Now I know I’ll be drinking a lot more next week when I’m away on Holiday. This will defiantly result in an increase intake in calories which will lead to me increase in weight for sure.

Do I want that to happen? – Hell no.

So I’m aiming to pick up my NEAT (Non Exercise Activity), as much as I can by walking and being even more active throughout the day by playing beach volleyball, football ball and of course swimming in the sea.

The way I see it is.. If I can burn an extra 500 calories a day, in theory I’ll burn off the 5 x Ultralight beers each day and weight should stay constant or at least thats the theory.

So it’s pretty easy to not gain fat and manage your weight if you understand how the body works when on holiday.

Have a great weekend

Angelo De Chiara
Gym Manager / Fitness Coach

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