16581-liquid-egg-whites-groupWhen it comes to high quality protein there are few more pure or beneficial a source than the humble egg. A solid favourite, it’s reliable, trusted and proven, however, Dr Zak’s has put its own twist on this little protein gem.

Gone are the days of having to separate the egg yolk from the white, creating mess and hassle with the introduction of our Free Range Liquid Egg Whites in a convenient 1kg bottle. And what’s even more remarkable is that you do not need to store them in the fridge until opened due to a patent protected pasteurisation process. How cool is that.  Just think of all that extra space you will free up from your fridge.

And as if that is not enough, the egg whites contain absolutely no preservatives, just 100% pure liquid egg white and nothing else.

So whether you are creating a super healthy omelette, a mega protein shake, or just adding them into your whiskey sour cocktail for some down time, Dr Zak’s Liquid Egg Whites are the perfect solution.

Here’s the facts!

  • Only contains free range eggs
  • No added preservatives
  • Store ambient (no need to put in the fridge until bottle is opened)
  • Keeps for up to 6 months from manufacture
  • Vegetarian Society Approved
  • 11g protein per 100g serving

Egg Whites Nutrition Facts

For more product info visit: http://www.dr-zaks.com/free-range-liquid-egg-whites.html

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