Both feeling hungry or thirsty will result to feeling weak and cranky, so its easy for us to confuse the symptoms of thirst for hunger.
Having enough water in your daily diet will leave you feeling full, which will help you avoid overeating and help with the digestion of food and loss of waste… both assisting with a loss of bodyweight.

Fluids will also helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them assessable in the body.
Water, milk and fruit juices are the healthiest choice of fluid intake. Try to avoid sugary, soft and fizzy drinks that are full of empty calories but high in added sugar.
If like myself, you struggle to drink 2 litres of plain water daily infuse your water with fruit over night, dilute water with low sugared juice or drink green or flavoured teas.

Make sure you’re getting your fluids guys 🙂

Marianne Weston
Health & Fitness Coach
Dallington Fitness

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