Form good eating habits by remembering a few simple rules:

Watch your portion sizes. Use smaller plates and your palm and fist to practice portion sizes. Your palm determines your protein portion, your fist your veg and a cupped hand your carbs.

Eat clean…free from refined sugars, carbonated drinks and artificial and processed foods. • Eat colourful, a variety of fruit and veg throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water, green tea or fruit infused water…avoid calorific drinks such as sodas and fruit juices.

Break the fast. Always make sure you start the day fuelled. It’s been at least 8 hours since you’ve last eaten; you don’t want to start binging once you crash.

Remember the 10% cheat rule, 90% of your food intake is disciplined and 10% cheat.

Eat lean protein. Complete lean protein should be eaten throughout the day.

Include a variety of fats into your diet; saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated…These have great health benefit. Fats do not make you fat, but actually helps burn fat when eaten at the right time and in moderation.

Eat every 3-4 hours, include healthy snacks such nuts, seeds and fruit.

Eat whole foods.

Eat carbs after physical activity. Make sure you’ve worked for those carbs.

Vary your food choices. Make cooking interesting… You don’t want to get bored.

Prep your meals. Spend an hour or two in the kitchen to cook and prepare meals for the next couple of days. This will help you avoid eating junk when you’re on the go. Make healthy options available to you, so your good eating doesn’t go out the window.

Written By: Marianne Weston – Fitness & Nutritional Coach, Trained in Level 3 personal training, Marianne specialises in female weight loss and weight management.

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