2014 07 02 Newsletter Sun Bed Tubes

Exciting news!! our ladies’ sunbed has been re-tubed. Collatan Twist are revolutionary lamps with Narrow Spectrum Technology which combine the four most important wave-lengths from sunlight into one lamp.

1. UVB for creation of melanin and vitamin D
2. UVA for a dark and healthy looking tan
3. Blue light for cleansing and blemish free skin
4. Red light for skin rejuvenation and soothing

Get that beautiful, dark, long lasting tan but also the benefit of additional collagen stimulation, resulting in:

• Premium Tanning Results
• Rejuvenated Skin
• Younger looking Skin
• Smoothing of Wrinkles
• Production of Vitamin D
• Blemish Free Skin
• Improved Blood Circulation.

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