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Dear Members,

In our bid to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) we are doing the following:

Sauna & Steam: Closing all the Sauna and Steam Rooms and Lower Changing Rooms.

Cleaning: We are cleaning the gym and other areas that remain open more frequently than usual in a bid to keep members safe.

Membership Bands: To reduce sharing we are no longer lending bands. We are also not accepting any personal items, such as phones or keys.

We ask that you support these efforts by being mindful of the following:

Bring a Water Bottle: We ask members not to drink directly from the fountain.

Use of Blue Roll: We appreciate members helping to keep equipment clean by using the medical sanitiser and we ask you to be mindful of the amount of blue roll you use.

Remember Blue Roll Is For Equipment ONLY!

Bring A Gym Towel: Please bring a towel and use it to wipe yourself after exercise.

Wash your Hands Frequently: Please follow the guidelines previously given to use soap, there are also posters pin up in all washrooms if your not sure.

Thank you for helping us keeping the club safe.

The Dallington Fitness Team

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