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Whether catching glimpses on your favourite fitness influencers’ feeds or sparking conversations on the gym floor, HYROX has become a buzz-worthy topic. This blog delves into the heart of HYROX, shedding light on its origins, benefits, target audience, and offering insights for those gearing up to compete right here at Dallington Fitness.

So what is HYROX?

Founded in 2017, HYROX stands as a global fitness race designed to uniquely challenge enthusiasts. Merging functional strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and endurance training, HYROX tests overall fitness in a dynamic and invigorating way.

Are there Events and Championships?

Yes, from its beginnings, HYROX has evolved into a global phenomenon, hosting events across the world. The pinnacle is the HYROX Championships, where a mere 2,000 athletes out of 90,000 competitors qualify. This two-day spectacle features competitive races, guest speakers, entertainment, and a concluding HYROX party – an experience not to be missed.

Is Hyrax Accessibility and Inclusivity for everyone?

While the HYROX Championships are exclusive, the race itself is designed for a broad audience. Embracing the slogan “The Fitness Competition for Every Body,” HYROX welcomes all fitness levels. While challenging, with ample training, the race becomes a personal triumph and an enduring challenge.

What to expect at a HYROX Event:

For those considering participation, understanding the anatomy of a HYROX event is vital. The standardized format includes eight rounds, each featuring a 1km run followed by a distinct functional exercise – an exciting challenge that awaits you.


Sled push

Sled pull

Burpee broad jumps


Farmers carry

Sandbag lunges

Wall balls

Is HYROX different from CrossFit?

While sharing high-intensity and functional movement traits with CrossFit, HYROX maintains distinct characteristics. A consistent global competition format, utilizing the same exercises and running distances, sets HYROX apart. Our members will appreciate this standardized challenge, fostering a sense of unity.

What fitness level do you need to enter?

With 91% of participants being local gym members, HYROX is committed to inclusivity. The race offers four divisions catering to diverse fitness levels

Open: Standard HYROX race for most gym enthusiasts.

Individual Pro: A challenging division with heavier weights.

Doubles: A paired race, sharing 1km runs and functional exercise workload.

Relay Teams: Ideal for gym, corporate, or friendship teams

What are the Benefits of HYROX?

Participating in HYROX brings a range of benefits, including enhanced athletic performance, potential for fat loss, improved everyday movements, and the thrill of a fresh challenge. The social dimension adds to the allure, fostering a community spirit among participants.

How can you train for a HYROX event?

HYROX training demands a well-rounded approach, encompassing practice of functional exercises, strength training, and endurance workouts. Meticulous attention to form and technique is crucial to align with movement standards and avert penalties on race day, and you can start this journey right here at Dallington Fitness.


If HYROX captures your interest, and committing to an event feels daunting, consider trying the associated exercises at our gym. Everything needed to start your journey is found within our functional training areas.

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