Reopening Of The Club – Great news, the Government has said gyms can reopen from the 2nd December. Dallington Fitness will be open from 5am.
Please remember to help us manage numbers and ensure we comply with track and trace we would ask members to enter the club using your membership bands.

Direct debits will restart from the 2nd December.  The direct debits are collected by Harlands, and they will send further correspondence to you of this via email. Within the email there is also a link giving you the option to continue with the membership freeze for up to 3 months, should you not be ready to restart or are currently unwell. If, for any reason you do not receive the email please contact us using the email; your full name and address.

We would ask for your continued support to help us to reduce the chance of a break-out in the club by following the guide lines set out by the Government, a quick reminder: 
 Don’t train if you are have flu like symptoms,Wear a face-mask when you come into the club and when you move around the club, in the changing rooms and the stairwells and corridors,Wear your membership band, to help us manage numbers and for track and trace,Remember to check your temperature when coming in,Maintain two meter social distancing,Clean equipment using the sanitizer spray, Wash hands regularly and/or use the hand gel provided. Please remember, it is down to the individual member, to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity. This means, we expect all members to “DO THEIR BIT”, by wiping and clean all equipment before and after use. This includes equipment touch points, like handles, weights, plates, seats and benches. Extra staff have been placed within the gym to help police social distancing and carry out regular cleaning of high-contact touch points.

Markings have been placed around equipment and workout zones created within the gym and studio to highlight safe social distancing while you are training.

Members should where possible come to the gym ready to train and avoid using the changing rooms and shower areas. However, if this is not possible the main changing rooms will be open and some lockers and shower cubicles placed out-of-use to help facilitate social distancing. The sauna and steam rooms will remain closed.

Hours of operation are: 5am – 10pm weekdays and 7am – 6:30pm weekends. We are closing one hour earlier each day to allow a deep clean of equipment and touch points.
Group Fitness classes
With the new tiring system set in place by the Government to combat the rise and spread of covid-19, Northampton has been placed in tier 2.  Tier 2 allows the club to operate classes as before. However, if Northampton slips into tier 3, then group exercise classes will be placed on hold until further Government advice or when Northampton’s status changes. However, Northampton has been classified tier 2 and this means we can offer classes to members.

The main studio we will continue to operate with individual member workout zones, members are to follow keep to their zone, to ensure they remain 2 meters away from other members unless they are part of the same household bubble.
Spin will also continue in the main studio and we will continue to operate a no sharing policy of equipment.

We will have a 20 minute gap between classes to allow for cleaning and setup.

We will continue to run a class booking system as per our club app, anyone who would like to attend classes without the app should contact us at:

Members will be able to start booking classes as of Monday 30th November and thereafter,  the two week booking system will resume.

Towels / sweat towels should NOT be used or taken onto the gym floor / into the studio.

We have provided extra cleaning stations and automatic hand gel dispenser.
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