The evidence is clear

The research showing that Covid-19 is being transmitted through gyms is non-existent

The research we have from UK Active is that in 22 million gym visits there has only been 78 cases, which is just 0.35 cases per 100,000

I urge you all to ‘share’ this post and sign this petition to do our part to keep gyms open

Training has been proven to improve the immune systems that this very virus attacks and we know those with asthma, obesity and pre existing health conditions are most vulnerable

Keeping gyms open to help keep the nation fit and strong to fight this virus seems the most sensible approach

Closing down gyms will also lead to increased cases of low self esteem, depression and increase cases of poor mental health

I appreciate the government have a hard job between stopping the virus spreading, but our Gyms are Safe and I can assure you on behalf of all the UK gyms we are all doing our part to allow our members to train in a safe environment

Please Take the Time to Sign this Petition below, Thanks
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