hereafter referred to as “The Hirer”) on the strict understanding that the following conditions are met:-

1. A deposit of £150.00 is paid by the Hirer to the club on the day of the booking. Until the payment is made the club cannot give the guarantee that the booking is confirmed. Once the deposit is paid the booking is confirmed and is non-refundable in the event that the hirer cancels the booking.

2. The club does not charge a hire cost for it’s function room as there is an expectation that the club will make revenue from it’s bar and food sales and depending on the time of the function there may be a bar minimum (see below). The club does not allow any food or drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic to be consumed on the it’s premises unless supplied by the club. Please note the club does not supply coridal for function parties.

3. The club’s function area is open to the club’s members and guests during the club’s normal hours of work.

4. The Bar Minimum relates to sales of drinks at the bar and depend’s on the hours of the function and the club’s hours which are Monday to Fri 6:30am to 10:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 7:30pm:

i. Where the event starts and finishes within the club’s working hours there is no Bar Minimum that the hirer must meet.

ii. Where the event starts within the club hours but ends after the club’s normal hours there is an expectation of a Bar Minimum.

iii. Where the event starts and finishes outside of the clubs’ normal working hours there is an expectation of a Bar Minimum.

5. When the Bar Minimum applies to a function. The club has an expectation that a party will generate sales of at least £1000 by the end of a function. In order to ensure that this is possible at 11pm the Shift Manager will check the cash register and check if the party is on-course to achieve it. The club will expect to have achieved £600.00 by 11pm and the Detroit is the safeguard against this, with deductions if warranted to it, i.e. £600.00 amount. If the shortfall is great than £150.00, the amount of the deposit held, then it must be made up by the hirer on the night.

6. In the case of 4(ii), above, this will be at the club’s closing time i.e. 10.00pm for the weekday or 7.30pm for the weekend. At this point the hirer has the choice of ending the party within normal club hours, thus removing the requirement for a Bar Minimum, or agreeing to continue the function with the proviso that they will be required to make up any shortfall in the Bar Minimum at the end of the function.

7. In the case of 4(iii) above the hirer will be required to make up any shortfall regardless of when the function ends. However the assessment is used to determine whether the club remains open beyond 11.00pm. In this case the Shift Manager will consider the number of guests present and volume of sales at that time.

8. In order to determine the bar sales for the assessment the Shift Manager will take an x-reading at the beginning of the function and a second x-reading at the specified time.

9. The club will, at its discretion, use the deposit to make up any shorfall in the Bar Minimum where it applies otherwise the Hirer will be expected to make up the difference at the end of the function.

10. The deposit also acts as a safeguard against breakages and damage. The hirer is responsible for any damage committed at Dallington Fitness Club and all it’s facilities internal and external. If there is any damage then Dallington Fitness reserves the right to withhold the deposit. This also includes damages caused by sickness and vomit.

11. If the function is a sit down meal we can arrange for trestle tables and chairs to be provided. The cost of hire is additional but for guidance only hire of a trestle table to seat 8 persons is £7.00 per table and chairs £5.00 per chair.

12. Guests can leave their cars in the club’s car park overnight, at their own risk, there are no time restrictions to collect the car, however vehicles should be collected within 24 hours of the event.

13. The deposit will be refunded after management are satisfied that all fixtures and fittings are undamaged. The hirer is responsible for all their guests and if any person present at the event damages the club a deduction will be made. We also check to ensure that no additional cleaning costs were incurred by the club due to sickness and any other reason. The deposit is liable to be forfeited if any of the terms of this contract is broken. The hirer is personally responsible for reimbursing The Club with the full cost of making good any damage to any fixtures or fittings anywhere within the Club that is caused by any person attending the function (either accidental or otherwise).

14. We ask that you make an appointment to have the deposit refunded to avoid disappointment if a manager is not free and that it is at least 72 hours after the event.

15. The deposit will be returned using the same method of payment that is cheque, cash or debit card. If a credit card is used then the club will make a charge of £5.00 to cover the administration charge levied by the card providers.

16. You must not bring or consume your own beverages on the premises this applies to both alcoholic and soft drinks. If glass bottles, cans or cartons are found on the premises then a levy will be charged at £5.00 per item found. All drinks must be purchased from the bar. Any persons found not adhering to this will be asked to leave the premises forthwith. The hirer accepts full responsibility of their guests and if any evidence of drinks other than those sold by Dallington Fitness have been found to have been consumed then the Hirer will pay the levy. In the case of alcoholic spirits we reserve the right to deduct a levy basis the number of measures in the bottle at the current cost of a house measure of £2.50 per shot assuming the bottle was full.

17. No drugs illegal or legal are permitted anywhere on the Dallington Fitness premises. If management find guests using drugs then we will ask them to leave. If the situation is deemed out of control then the party will be stopped. In such a situation the entire deposit would be forfeited.

18. 18 year old parties: the club insists that the hirer employs the clubs’ door man service. The cost of a doorman start from £175.00 plus VAT.

19. Food:The club’s food menus are available upon request, the minimum order is 30 covers and orders are be paid in advance. Customer may bring their own food into the club however, there will be a payment levied of £75.00 plus vat. The club kitchen is not open to use and the use of any naked flames is not permitted. Electrical items can be used but must have been checked and approved by an electrician in the previous 12 months.

20. The club’s DJ service starts from £175.00. It is advisable to book this as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Special play lists can be requested in advance by emailing your list to club manger. The DJ supplies lights, microphone and some DJ’s can also offer Karaoke but this needs to be specified at the time of booking.

21. As most parties play music there is a £25.00 licence fee to cover the licence for PPL & PRS music rights.

22. The Hirer is personally responsible for the behaviour of all persons attending the function. Attendees of the party may not under any circumstance enter into the clubs gyms and studios. If persons are found wandering the building they will be asked to leave. CCTV is operational and may be used in evidence if party attendees have been found in other parts of the building and damage has been caused.

23. Children are allowed to attend the function on the strict understanding that they remain within the function area under parental guidance at all times. Please be aware that children must act in a respectful and cordial manner. Children are not permitted to wander around the club’s buildings and grounds. If a manager believes the situation is getting out of hand and after endeavouring to discuss it with the Hirer and if it is believed that there is no improvement in the behaviour of the children then the manager has the authority to call last orders and close the party. In this scenario the Hirer will forfeit their entire deposit.

24. Persons are not allowed to use the Club’s facilities unless they are members of the Club whose subscriptions are up to date and only if they are not intoxicated and if the Club’s fitness facilities are open.

25. Members of the club and the Shift Manager reserve the right to request any person attending the function, whose behaviour or presence is deemed not to be in the best interests of the Club, to leave the premises forthwith.

26. Volume of music must not exceed guidelines by Northampton Borough Council. Our guide line is that when ordering drinks bar staff must be able to hear the order. If bar staff are unable to hear drink orders then the duty manager will request that the music volume be lowered.

27. Live music is permissible and should end by 11.30pm.

28. The room must be vacated no later than 12.30 am. Alcohol cannot be served after midnight. Last orders will be called at 11.45pm.

29. It is possible to extend the club bar license up to 2am by way of TPL (Temporary Premises License). The application process requires a minimum of 8 weeks and an administrative charge of £100. Please note that the minimum bar will increase to £800.00 and at midnight the process of checking will be done. If the bar has not reached sales of £800.00 an assessment will be used to determine whether the club remains open beyond midnight. In this case the Shift Manager will consider the number of guests present and volume of sales at that time.

30. The use of party poppers or party string, table sprinkles of any kind are not allowed anywhere within the Club.

31. Any decoration used by the hirer must not damage the fixtures and fittings and should be cleaned up immediately after the party ends. The use of white tack is permitted, however it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure all the white tack is removed, no white tack is permitted on the ceilings in the lounge and the use of tape or drawing pins is strictly forbidden. No decorations near the fire are permitted, when coming to put up decorations, we expect you to have a small ladder, climbing on the club’s furniture is not permitted. The club accepts no responsibility if you fall over or fall from a ladder while putting up your decorations. If the club believes there is damage caused by tape and blue tack used by the hirer and or that it has meant the club paying additional hours to the cleaner to have it removed then this will be deducted from the initial deposit. Decoration of the room can be done from 3.30pm onwards for evening parties. Day parties, decoration can be agreed with the club manager.