Revised timetable for Lower Gym
The new time slots for both mixed and ladies only are listed in the timetable below and are also available to view within the club. Over the last few months we have been monitoring the usage both by mixed and ladies only slots. We found that most ladies wanting to use the space alone are › Read more
Christmas & New Year Opening Times
The club will be closed on Christmas Day 25th Dec, Boxing Day 26th Dec. We then re-open Saturday 27th Dec as usual, however Monday 29th, 30th and 31st News Year Eve the club will be open weekend hours from 8am till 7:30pm. We are then closed New Years Day 1st Jan 2015 and re-open on the 2nd Jan › Read more
#2 Tuck Jump: Standing with the knees slightly bent, jump up as high as possible and bring the knees in toward the chest while extending the arms straight out. Land with the knees slightly bent and quickly jump again! Repeat 10-15 times or challenge yourself and see how many you can complete in 1 minute! › Read more
Bodyweight Exercises #1 Inchworm Bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Used a warm-up, within a mini circuit or as a finisher at the end of your workout, they’re bound to get the heart racing! Correct Execution: Stand up tall with your legs straight, lower those fingertips to the floor. › Read more
New dedicated time slots for women’s only gym! We have some exciting news for you. From Monday 17th November 2014 we will have dedicated morning, afternoon and evening time slots throughout the week for ladies only in the lower gym and relaxation areas within the main ladies changing room. The new times are listed in the › Read more
Do you avoid pull ups?? Try not to think about pulling yourself up but instead, imagine and believe your pulling your elbows down towards your side, this will make the exercise seem easier trust me… #mindoverbodycontroll For beginners try to use a resistance band or the assisted pull up machine to help reduce your body › Read more
Download the 3/90 Fit Challenge by CLICKING ON THE IMAGES ABOVE Hi everyone, I have created a little gym challenge for you this week, its a test of stamina and strength which I’ve called the 3/90 Fit Challenge. It’s a workout that consists of 3 compound exercise and 30 reps of each in the fastest time possible. Remember › Read more
Well done Joseph Moss for completing the 3/100 Fit Challenge!! Thats 300 rep’s over 3 different exercises; and we smashed it!! 100 x Kettle bell Swings 100 x Single leg pistol squats 100 x Wide grip pull ups! Trust me its a tough one Start small, Think BIG! Remember everyone starts somewhere, so keep the › Read more
Join our C4C Dallington Team and take part in Northampton’s biggest Local Cycle Challenge event, its a great opportunity to support two charities – Cynthia Spencer Hospice, which provides support for people with terminal illness and Kidsaid, which provides support for children who have suffered abuse, bereavement, bullying or family problems. Both charities are a source of › Read more
Another great success story and inspirational lady… Well Done on your marathon run Vilija you defiantly rock girl… hopefully you’re pay us a visit soon 🙂 Beautiful and super talented Vilija from Team Dallington Shark completed her first full marathon today in Helsinki in an amazing 3:57 going from a non runner 18 months ago. › Read more



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