1. Squash Court Bookings:

Bookings after 4PM: We are going to enforce: one court time per 2 players. 40 Minutes is normally enough time for players to get a good game.

Please don’t double book courts using two names! Anyone found doing so will lose their bookings completely.

2. Court cancellations:

Can we please have 24 hours notice. We don’t want to introduce a fee for late cancellations but we have to make it fair. If, you are not sure if you need the court then please do not book up.

3. Pay as you go players:

Will need to pay in advance: if you fail to pay in advance we will remove your name from the booking sheet

Pay as you go members are welcome to join DF Internal League, but only club members paying a monthly membership in advance are permitted to join the Club County League.

5. Footwear:

Footwear must be a non marking carbon. Because reception are told to check please be patient with the staff if they ask if your coloured squash trainer sole is non marking and if they ask you to prove it. They are doing their job, to keep our courts in pristine condition, which is best for you, the players.

Trainers must also be indoor only please! Do not come in wearing your shoes, this is classed as outdoor footwear and is not expectable. We want to go back to old traditions when players would not dare to walk into the squash club wearing their kit and squash trainers on their feet. Let’s become traditional again, wearing all whites.

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